The first time I rode an Apache RTR was almost a decade back. It was an Apache 180 and we rode to Bordi and back. The impressions that I still have about the bike, that it was quick, nimble around traffic with superlative cornering ability. I wish it had more top end power but then the category it was competing in was controlled by that infamous line “Kitna Deti Hain?”.

Years have passed by, lots of bikes across categories have come and gone. Yet, I always look forward to riding an Apache RTR motorcycle.

TVS Apache bikes have come to redefine the way small and medium size bikes can have a high FTR (Fun to Ride) element to it while still being economical and well priced.


In the last one month, I have been lucky to spend time with the APACHE RTR 160 4V on 2 occasions. My 1st impression on seeing the bike is; this is a good-looking bike which shows off its racing pedigree.

The TVS RTR 160 4V has been modelled as a smaller version of the Apache 200 4V. You can tell what the brief to the RTR designers would have been while designing this bike. To create a bike that is compact, has racing bike ethos, is forward leaning in stance with a stand out strong design.

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For the enthusiast, I must mention that the extended fuel tank cowl is home to ram-air intakes. This cuts drag and controls the flow of cool air over the engine keeping the temperature in check letting the engine run efficiently.

The sharp design continues right up to the tail piece of the bike. The LED headlamps are also designed in a fashion, to make the RTR 160 look like a street fighter.

The motor in the RTR 160 4V is built around the new four-valve engine platform, which is what the 4V stands for. The 159.7cc single-cylinder produces 16.6 hp in the FI variant. The carburetted version makes 16.3 hp at 8000 rpm. Peak torque figure stands at 14.8 Nm for both bikes making it the most powerful bike in this segment.

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The Apache RTR 4V feels comfortable the moment you get on the bike. A smooth and fast pickup is something I have experienced in all the Apache’s I have ridden so far. The RTR 160 4V is no different. The 1st day I rode, it was a mix of all sorts of road and traffic conditions. Not once did the commute feel cumbersome. The RTR 160 is fast, extremely flickable, helping one manoeuvre easily in traffic. Cornering gets even better in this motorcycle. The disc brakes on this bike are sharp and responsive. The ride quality is very good, potholes, speed breakers and such, are handled quite adeptly. The power delivery across the band is uniform and linear. The single piece contoured seat is comfortable in traffic or while riding hard into corners.

The RTR 160 4V presents a strong case for young buyers looking for a first ride that is reasonable to buy, easy to maintain and awesome to ride. The RTR 160 4V is also a great bike for budding racers to learn on.  Take this out on a race track on track days. It will surely hold its own on the track. This is testimony to the numerous titles TVS Racing has won with the race spec version of the same motorcycle.

From commuting to riding fast on the track, this is the bike to start with! So, what you budding bikers/ to-be racers waiting for! Go to a TVS dealership now and check out the APACHE RTR 160 4V.


Pricing for the Apache RTR 160 4V starts at Rs 81,800/- for the carburettor single disc version.  The carburettor dual disc version starts at Rs 84,800/-. The Fuel Injected Dual Disc version starts at 91,800/-

All prices are ex-showroom Mumbai.