RockMe Burgers in Chiang Mai

It all started by reading a blog on food joints in Chiang Mai, prior to our departure for this beautiful city in Northern Thailand. Apart from the super local food, I chanced upon this particular writeup featuring the best burgers in town. Just by seeing the pics, I was all set to dive into a meaty & cheesy concoction, made famous by all travelers to this small but happening restaurant.


Located on Loi Kroh Road, the nightlife paradise of Chiang Mai, this Restobar is located below the Raming Lodge Hotel. We chose to stay there as well as the hotel’s breakfast was being catered to by Rock Me Burgers (how convenient). Having spent the first two days roaming around sampling local fare and walking a lot to build up a massive hunger (and to lose some weight as well), we decided to hit the joint on a Friday afternoon. The interiors of the joint made us even hungrier as all we read and saw were food related information and pictures. The menu card is expansive and has options of meat and vegetarian burgers so, all my veggie friends.. fear not.. enjoy !

IMG-20180819-WA0029I ordered a massive beef burger and to my expectations.. it was MASSIVE.. my friends ordered other varieties including one in seafood which came in a coconut shell. The quality of the burgers is superb and portions enough for 2 to a plate.


Ice tea and a few beers later, most of us were struggling to walk as half a ton of burger inside each one of us did make us sleepy as hell. Over the next few days, we did visit the joint again, and enjoyed every bit of the bite.

Next time in Chiang Mai.. its RockMe all the way


Location & Other Detail credits: Chiang Mai Food Critic

At a Glance

Lots of seating. Fun counter bar outside. Air conditioned inside. Excellent burgers. Sandwiches include french fries. Reasonable prices. Credit cards accepted.


Drinks: Water: 30 baht/Heineken, San Miguel: 80 baht/Singha, Leo: 70 baht/Chang: 60 baht


Original Burger: 160 baht/Classic Hotdog: 130 baht

Food Taste: If you’re looking for a delicious burger in Chiang Mai, this is the place to go! They also offer hotdogs, fries, onion rings, milkshakes, and more. Everything is excellent!

Atmosphere: There is indoor/outdoor seating. Indoor is air-conditioned. Outdoor has a long bar along Loi Kroh Road with a fun atmosphere, and you can watch the cooks grill the burgers. 80’s rock plays throughout the restaurant.

Cleanliness: The restaurant is part of Raming Lodge, so it is pretty clean.

Service: Great! The staff speaks American English and serves with a smile.



17-19 Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai 50100, ThailandPhone: 089-852-8801 / Facebook:Rock Me Burgers & Bar on Facebook

Hours: 11:30 – 24:00 Everyday

Psychedelic Phuket

Top 5 Nightclubs in Phuket

While Thailand is known for a heady mix of culture and food, one simply cannot ignore the nighltlife there especially in the tourist towns like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Since I have a strong weakness for the latter my listings start and end in Phuket as elsewhere I have experienced more of expensive venues with highly packaged kind of music and shows. In Phuket, concentrated in a small alley called Soi Bangla and a few hundred yards around it, are my favourite places to sip a drink and let the mind & soul get taken over by the DJ at the consoles;

  1. Illusion : Easily amongst the top nightclubs in Thailand, this mammoth 3 dome club has over 10 resident DJs and hosts international spinners as well throughout the week. Hosting numerous Live acts and shows, this club easily accommodates over 5000 clubbers and has close to 300 tables for groups as well. The DJ console is in front of a massive screen which has some amazing psychedelic graphics tuned to the beats making it seem very out-of-the world. Themed to attract European clubbers the music is very international and mostly trance and hip-hop. Drinks are moderately expensive and food.. well who goes to a club to eat anyways! The entrance to Illusion doesn’t reflect what’s inside so can seem a dampener but once you are inside, you are guaranteed to have a blastIllusion
  2. The next one that’s definitely up there is Seduction Disco in Soi Bangla. Over the years, this place has gained in popularity and visitors. With 4 floors of venues for public & private events, it has become one of the most trending nightclubs in Phuket if not South East Asia. The lighting & sound systems are world class and very well maintained. Last time I went, there was a small cover charge which allowed you to pay for your first drink inside. Hosting mostly European clubbers, one can easily imagine being in one of the upmarket clubs in Europe and adding to that, the amazing cocktails at the bar makes one forget the hours one ends up spending inside. Seduction hosts few of the world’s top DJs like Skrillex, Aoki, David Morales, Calvin Harris to name a few. It’s definitely one of the top clubbing venues in Thailand.Seduction
  3. Hollywood : Having been around for many years and with a recent facelift, Hollywood Phuket is something of an institution in clubbing nomenclature. Right on Soi Bangla, it had briefly changed its name to VIP Room but soon changed back to its original identity. The décor rocks as it carries all the glam & shine of Hollywood with its gold décor, stars & statues etc. With over 12000 sq meters of space, it has two separately themed floors having different genres of entertainment & music. The DJs, mostly Thai, are superb and also the guest DJs from international clubs who bring the global flavor to the place. Great bar with amazing cocktails & the standard beer towers makes it an easy evening to chill out. Hollywood always had a reputation for great safety & security and the size of the bouncers there are testimony to that fact. I have seen unruly clubbers yanked by their collars and thrown out if they did not heed to the warnings by these bouncers.Hollywood
  4. Tai Pan Phuket, an old-timer in Patong is right at the entrance to Soi Bangla. I have seen this place for over 15 years of my travels and I guess it might have been around longer. Calling itself FBI (Finest Bar In) Thailand, Tai Pan attracts mostly older crowds and few locals. The Live music from 10pm to midnight brings an era of nostalgia into the evening with rock & roll to metal being played to the appreciative crowds hogging the bar stools & tables. Mostly Thai DJs but excellent in mixing sound combine old & new dance hits to appeal to a larger audience as well. The disco has no cover charges, but if one is lucky they get vouchers for free shots at the bar. Drinks are bit on the pricier side but the menu is expansive. The atmosphere punched with recognizable music makes one want to get up and dance. Sadly, over the years one can see many working ladies (mostly the older ones) hanging around inside but if that doesn’t spoil your mojo.. it’s a great place to rock away your evening.Tai Pan
  5. This brings me to, by far, the most popular discotheque in Phuket which is frequented by everyone who comes here, well.. at least once. Tiger Disco has two distinct venues.. one, an open bar layout on the ground floor and another a large discotheque of over 1500 sq meters on the floors above. In 2012, the discotheque had burned down due to a massive electric short-circuit, and incidentally, your truly was inside the disco when this happened. Needless to say, since I am writing this today, we all survived and except few casualties, the management ensured that damages were kept to a minimum. The new disco is now opposite the old venue and employs stare of the art and safe equipment and has kept safety as utmost priority. The entrance to the discotheque has 2 bars and numerous tables as well as baggage counters. There is also an ATM for those needing urgent cash. The music is mostly techno & dance with the occasional Arabic or Bollywood hip-hop thrown in depending on the genre of the crowd. The drinks are moderately priced and a bottle/beer tower gets you a dedicated table with small snacks thrown in. Constant cleaning of ashtrays and spilt drinks getting mopped up demonstrate a high level of safety & cleanliness. The huge tiger statues inside are quite overwhelming but interesting to note. The DJs are a mostly European and occasionally they have live music & performances as well. Overall a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy the music and also meet new friends.

Tiger Disco












Summing it all up, in Phuket if you want to let your hair down, its Soi Bangla all the way. There are few nice clubs in town as well as on the beaches like Bangtao etc., but nothing compares to the electric euphoria one gets to be part of here. Enjoy the clubbing and if this post helps in making your choice of where to visit.. drop in a line.

Note: All images are free to use, available on various public websites