RockMe Burgers in Chiang Mai

It all started by reading a blog on food joints in Chiang Mai, prior to our departure for this beautiful city in Northern Thailand. Apart from the super local food, I chanced upon this particular writeup featuring the best burgers in town. Just by seeing the pics, I was all set to dive into a meaty & cheesy concoction, made famous by all travelers to this small but happening restaurant.


Located on Loi Kroh Road, the nightlife paradise of Chiang Mai, this Restobar is located below the Raming Lodge Hotel. We chose to stay there as well as the hotel’s breakfast was being catered to by Rock Me Burgers (how convenient). Having spent the first two days roaming around sampling local fare and walking a lot to build up a massive hunger (and to lose some weight as well), we decided to hit the joint on a Friday afternoon. The interiors of the joint made us even hungrier as all we read and saw were food related information and pictures. The menu card is expansive and has options of meat and vegetarian burgers so, all my veggie friends.. fear not.. enjoy !

IMG-20180819-WA0029I ordered a massive beef burger and to my expectations.. it was MASSIVE.. my friends ordered other varieties including one in seafood which came in a coconut shell. The quality of the burgers is superb and portions enough for 2 to a plate.


Ice tea and a few beers later, most of us were struggling to walk as half a ton of burger inside each one of us did make us sleepy as hell. Over the next few days, we did visit the joint again, and enjoyed every bit of the bite.

Next time in Chiang Mai.. its RockMe all the way


Location & Other Detail credits: Chiang Mai Food Critic

At a Glance

Lots of seating. Fun counter bar outside. Air conditioned inside. Excellent burgers. Sandwiches include french fries. Reasonable prices. Credit cards accepted.


Drinks: Water: 30 baht/Heineken, San Miguel: 80 baht/Singha, Leo: 70 baht/Chang: 60 baht


Original Burger: 160 baht/Classic Hotdog: 130 baht

Food Taste: If you’re looking for a delicious burger in Chiang Mai, this is the place to go! They also offer hotdogs, fries, onion rings, milkshakes, and more. Everything is excellent!

Atmosphere: There is indoor/outdoor seating. Indoor is air-conditioned. Outdoor has a long bar along Loi Kroh Road with a fun atmosphere, and you can watch the cooks grill the burgers. 80’s rock plays throughout the restaurant.

Cleanliness: The restaurant is part of Raming Lodge, so it is pretty clean.

Service: Great! The staff speaks American English and serves with a smile.



17-19 Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai 50100, ThailandPhone: 089-852-8801 / Facebook:Rock Me Burgers & Bar on Facebook

Hours: 11:30 – 24:00 Everyday


This weekend saw the second phase of the Mercedes Benz Drive Live come to Mumbai. Phase 1 of this drive earlier this year was organised in the cities of Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Thrissur and Bangalore. This event’s theme is based on the three categories of Adrenaline, Gourmet and Music.

The hosting ground for the Luxe Drive was Richardson & Cruddas Ltd Mazgaon. An old mill that is now very popular for a host of different cultural events throughout the year.

Customers who are invited get a first-hand opportunity to drive the range of Mercedes Benz vehicles through a series of specially designed courses. One can decide to self-drive or partake as a guest in the cars during this activity.

I have driven Mercedes Benz vehicles in the past. But to do it over a specially designed course which showcase the different features of the cars was something I wanted to experience.

Image 3
After the pre-event registration and basic formalities, we were taken to the 1st course of the Luxe Drive. This was a shalom course where you had the choice of the GLA and CLA to choose from. I chose the GLA as this is a car I have always enjoyed driving. I was a passenger on a demo first lap around the course, by the racing instructor. This is necessary to understand the nuances of what the activity entails.

The Shalom challenge is an activity, where one gets to experience the flickability, braking and handling of a car. The GLA was excellent of all counts. It handled everything with ease leaving me with a big smile on my face!

The next course was a demonstration in a GLS 350d by a racing driver where we would get to experience the stability, hill assist/descent and the off-roading abilities of the SUV. This demo was by far the most exciting! The first thing he demonstrated was the stability and how well balanced the SUV is, even when balanced on 2 wheels! Then we went up a 40degree incline where one got to experience the hill assist feature. The car doesn’t roll back even at this incline. Only when you press the accelerator, does the brake release to enable the car to move forward. Then at the top most point, before we started the descent, the driver told us, an individual can set a speed they feel is ideal during descent. The speed he had chosen was 4kmph. Here too the car only rolls ahead, when you press on the accelerator.

Post this we got the chance to drive the GLC & GLE 250 d, GLE 350 d & GLS 350       on a specially designed off-road track. This was a short course which consisted of going slowly over these obstacle courses. I drove the GLC which tackled these obstacles, without breaking into a sweat.

The last demonstration was a taxi drive in an E and C- Class to showcase the pre-safe features of these cars. The driver goes speeding towards a chicane at high speeds, breaking just in time to highlight the superior quality of ABS and other safety features in this car.

After completing these activities, it was time to indulge in the gastronomical magic that was specially created and curated by Chef Ranveer Brar. There were 3 food trucks that served up all sorts of delicious sliders, min burgers, mud cakes, sausages and lots more. Ranveer also engaged the participants there in an exclusive workshop on gourmet and food photography.

As an initiative to engage the participants during this weekend, Mercedes-Benz India has associated with MTV for MTV sessions – a series of live music gigs that showcase the work of today’s hot acts artists such as Kamakshi Khanna and Hari Sukhmai along with prominent bands such as the Yellow Diary and Paradigm Shift.

Mercedes Benz cars, gourmet food and live music was the perfect way to sign off the weekend.

Florence’s “cucina povera” is deliciously rich

“Oh, my poor darlings,” cries the proprietor at Da Nerbone, a butchers’ stand in the heart of the San Lorenzo Market in Florence. “You’ve been waiting for such a very long time.”

Tara Isabella Burton

Blog by Tara Isabella Burton- Travel Writer

He shoots me a wink. Da Narbone is one of the most famous purveyors of Florence’s famed lampredotto: tender, broth-infused tripe made from the fourth stomach of a cow.

On this spring afternoon, the lines – an equal number of suitcase-toting tourists en route to the nearby train station and agitated locals – snake out the market door for this classic example of cucina povera(“kitchen of the poor”): traditional Florentine peasant cuisine now reimagined as the paragon of local Florentine fare.

Despite the hordes of tourists, Da Nerbone has never raised its prices; for around 5 euro, I get a crusty rose-shaped bun moistened with broth, several forkfuls of sizzling lampredotto, and a piquant chilli sauce. I eat it walking out of the marketplace, elbowing past so many other tourists, workers, stall-sellers of Florentine leather and Chinese toys.

My lips burn from the peperoncino – but boy, it’s worth it.

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What is Cucina Povera?

“Cucina Povera”, which essentially means “peasant food” (literally “poor cooking” or “poor kitchen”) are mostly always made using super simple recipes, containing a minimal of ingredients. Usually, the products and seasonal and locally grown. As you would probably guess, those ingredients must be the best quality. There’s nothing to hide the lack of flavor otherwise.

Cucina povera recipes are the antitheses of American “Italian” chain restaurant’s dishes. If you enjoy this type of  menu, that’s totally fine, just know that there is essentially nothing on it that is truly Italian.

dishes of food at Il Contadino cucina povera recipes

Traditional Italian food is not smothered in sauces, tons of cheese and/or “lots of herbs and spices”. Those are American concoctions. Authentic Italian dishes are mostly light, include lots of vegetables, very little cheese (even on pizza) and are very healthy/nutritious.

If you wish to know more on Cucina Povera recipes, please visit :

Quinoa v/s Indian Millets… An Urban Perspective…

Millets have been the traditional component of the Indian food basket for ages. They have been a huge part of our grandparents’ staple diet; as well as a preferred cultivated crop for Indian farmers. They are a rich source of protein, vitamins, fibre & minerals, making them an ideal & healthy food option. Studies show that a regular consumption of millets can have a beneficial influence on many lifestyle diseases – as they are highly nutritious, gluten free, non-acid forming and are soothing and easy to digest.

glossary millets


Inspite of all their benefits, the past few decades saw a decline in their consumption. Reason, urbanisation of the Indian market! Even the earth rotates from west to east but our Indian mindset keeps turning to the West for all latest food trends.




One such trend that took our super markets by storm in the recent years was the entry of many international grains and the star performer of them all was Quinoa. All major supermarkets had isles filled with this super grain and its varieties in the form of chips, biscuits, flours as such and every trendy restaurant had Quinoa preparations featuring in their menus. I too was so taken in by the Quinoa trend myself, that I had literally begged my cousin, who was traveling to Kuala Lumpur on a work trip, to bring back 4 packets of all the different kinds, like white, golden, red variety of as if it was some kind of food treasure.

There’s no doubt that Quinoa is a healthy food option. This Peruvian grain, originated in the Andean region of north-western part of South America. It is gluten-free, rich in protein and contains nine essential amino acids. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.

Now coming to my question…

Do we really need grains like Quinoa in
our regular diets to stay healthy?

My answer to that is a big NO!

Although Quinoa is very healthy and has numerous benefits, the fact is that like any other imported international grain lands in your shopping basket – first it travels a long period of time to reach our country, then it sits in distribution centers, then on the supermarket shelf from where you purchase it. This long process causes the grain to age considerably. On the other hand, the locally grown Indian grain spends a much shorter time from its harvest to getting your dining table making it less likely for its nutritional value to have decreased. Eating home-grown & local varieties is good for both our environment and the economy.

There’s a common saying, “What grows together goes together!”

Here are a few ideas…

on how Indian millets can make a comeback as an option by choice in our daily dose of urban recipes, and can be used in a creative and modern way to break that mindset that Indian Millets can only be prepared in Indian style of cooking.

Just to get you started here’s a quick and easy recipe of the quintessential modern breakfast pancakes made with apna gaonwala ka Anjeer and Jowar or if you like it to sound more Western…

Date & Fig Sorghum Pancake

date and fig sorgham pancake


Sorghum Flour          –           200g
Brown Sugar              –           20g
Baking Powder         –           2tsp
Baking Soda              –           1/2tsp
A pinch of salt
Milk                            –           350ml
Chopped dates         –           20g
Chopped dried figs  –           20g


– Blend the flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda & salt well and keep aside.

– Pour milk and whisk into the above mixture ensuring no lumps are formed.

– Fold in chopped dried figs and dates.

– Cover & leave to rest for 10 mins.

– Put a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Lightly coating it with ghee or oil.

– Once hot pour a ladle of batter on to the pan and spread slightly.

– Cook each side for 1-2 mins, till golden brown.

– Serve immediately with honey or any other topping of your choice.

Hope you enjoyed my take on Quinoa versus Indian millets keep watching this space for more about the goodness of home grown & local Indian food options. Do leave your comments… Cheers!





Living ‘n’ Loving Phuket

Taking a trip across the island of Phuket in Thailand was something I had wanted to do for a very long time. Having done some 20 odd trips across the years, I now fondly consider this jewel of the Andaman, my second hometown. These trips involve potential real estate investors rattling away financial jargon or friends discussing the upcoming bar-hopping night, but the ones where it was just me driving around were the most enjoyable so far.

Travel Tip: Books a Toyota Yaris or another cheaper alternative just one day before landing there. Since the system allots one to you, you will almost always get an upgrade at the counter as the cheapest cars will already be booked (only in a prepaid situation). Talk to agencies like ASAP or Thai Rent-a-Car kind of smaller players as they will go out on a limb to accommodate your requests, unlike the very large brands which don’t really bother if you need any last-minute adjustments.

So, it was the Altis with a 1800CC 1.8VL 16 valve intelligent engine which I was offered. I was driving up the hills of Kathu effortlessly, which on a Yaris felt like being ferried along with a wailing pregnant hog, especially on the climbs.

Though I do own my apartment in Bangtao, an upmarket & expat infested beach area in Phuket, I almost always choose to stay either in Patong or Kata beach areas just for the energy those places bring to you. The bars in expat zones are priced for expats which is exactly what we Indians yearn for. Add some live music to the scene and its akin to Jannat for our desi hearts.

Ok, so apart from my work schedules which usually got over by 3pm or so, I did manage to catch some very local happenings. like Loy Krathong in October last year and the Vegetarian Festival early this year. The Loy Krathong is a prayer offered to the Water Lord to be kind to the crops and keep the nation prosperous always. It’s a complete visual delight to watch beautifully crafted flower arrangements being adorned with colorful candles and being set off into the waters. Some areas like Chiang Mai, up north in Thailand, still allow the lit lanterns to be set off into the sky but the government has realized the safety hazards involved and have decided to ban it in Phuket and surrounding areas.

Now comes my favorite part. The food during the festival. Oh my god, if there was ever a food scarcity in Cambodia or Laos that time of the year, you know where it has all landed up. Fresh seafood, amazing fusion food, deals on drinks everywhere. My favorite has always been the Som Tam Goong, translating to Raw Papaya Salad with Seafood.


Depending on how you like your spices or your capacity to handle it, you can get a plate full of aromatic veggies with prawns and squid all over in a spicy sauce that will make you go running towards a Chang or a Tiger beer to wash it down. Romantics are advised to stay away from any PDA (public display of affection) or PLA (post lunch action), as your partner is sure to faint at the over-killing garlicky emotions you would be expressing post such a lunch.


One of my favorite drives in Phuket is the one from the Airport to Bangtao via Nai Thon beach, avoiding all motorways and through Sirinath National Park, a dense & lush forest where one’s driving skills are tested on every corner. This route demands a stopover at Nai Thon Beach, where the white sands and crystal clear blue water make you feel like surrendering to nature. For those wanting to stay here, there’s upmarket Pullman Resort as well as a very few luxurious serviced apartments here.

Further down towards Bangtao, one would pass Phuket’s most expensive residential zone, namely Trisara Avenue (named after the villas there). The one enters Laguna, a beautifully manicured mega residential and resort zone home to luxurious resorts and smaller residential buildings like the one I own a flat in. Having tracked property prices here for over past 3 years, I have realized that, with upwards of 15% net gains per annum, if there is a place one should invest in the place is Phuket.


An important tip to remember while driving In Thailand is that honking is severely frowned upon. Our Indian driving license works fine to rent a car as a tourist, but that doesn’t give us the right to blow the horn every two minutes. Lane discipline is quite well adhered to, despite many westerners feeling otherwise. They drive on the same side as us so that makes life simpler. I would highly recommend renting a self-drive car over hiring a tourist vehicle.

You will enjoy the sights more and the flexibility of doing your own thing. If the loud side of Soi Bangla in Patong or the serene beaches of Bangtao and Mai Khao have satiated you enough, take a 3-hour drive to Krabi. Stop by at PhangNga and take a cheap ferry to James Bond island, have some local coffee made by Malaysian immigrants. At 20 baht a cup, iced or hot, it’s the best you will have on the island. Have the ice cream made with fruits on an ice slab. The hot banana or peanut butter pancakes/crepes at a roadside stall. Get a foot massage (while at it, try not falling asleep and snoring). And most importantly take the off-the-beaten roads. Thailand on wheels is one the most beautiful journeys you will take in your life. Enjoy and Khaap Khun Khraap!