COLLAGE 1Luxury as a segment is becoming increasingly popular in India. With the changing economy and purchasing power, brands are offering world class products at competitive prices.

The BMW 630iGT is exactly that kind of product. The 6 series Gran Turismo (GT) was launched to fill a gap that existed between the mid-size and limousine luxury sedan categories. Since it’s locally assembled here, the pricing is competitive. The 3,070mm wheelbase that’s on offer is the same as the standard wheelbase 7 series sold in Europe. Make no mistake. This is a big car.

The roof flows to the raised rear section, which is adorned by slim tail-lamps that wrap around the sides giving the car a sleek look. The front grille is like what one gets in the 5 series.COLLAGE LAST.jpgCOLLAGE 3.jpgThe inside of the car is spacious thanks to the large passenger compartment. The leather seats come with a faux-leather dashboard, dark wood brushed aluminium and contrast stitching. The car comes equipped with iDrive, touchscreen and gesture control. Spinning your fingers in a circular motion lets you turn the stereo volume up or down. Pointing lets you accept an incoming phone call while a dismissive swipe action rejects it. Pointing two fingers at the screen brings up whatever function you’ve specifically programmed for it, such as changing the radio station or returning to the main menu.COLLAGE 6.jpgCOLLAGE 7.jpgThe BMW iDrive comes with Apple CarPlay, Adaptative LED headlamps, digital instrument cluster which changes according to the different driving modes, panoramic sunroof,4 zone climate control and adaptive air suspension are the features on offer. With the 630iGT Sportline trim you get the fancy ‘display key’ fob with a touchscreen which gives you info about the car such as petrol range, lets you cool the car before getting in.

The front seats are sporty in design which offer memory function, the option to tighten the side bolsters. Frontal visibility is good, thanks to a large front windscreen. Driving the 630iGT in traffic is quite easy despite its size, courtesy the notchback design.COLLAGE 5.jpgThe back seats have electric rear window blinds, rear entertainment screens and a reclining rear backrest. These are the seats that matter the most, as this is where most buyers of this car will spend majority of their time.
Courtesy the 3,070mm wheelbase, one gets lots of rear legroom. Headroom is very good despite a roof that appears to slope down quite sharply. Another benefit of a notchback body style. The seats are extremely comfortable which offer soft pillows on top of the headrest. The rear seats can be reclined by 9 degrees which offer an extra degree of comfort.COLLAGE 4.jpgHaving recently driven the X5M, I had a fair idea of what to expect in terms of driving capabilities. BMW cars are known worldwide for their performance and their reputation of being a “driver’s car”. The 630iGT has a 2.0 litre, four-cylinder engine with 258hp and 400 NM of torque. There are 3 driving modes eco pro, comfort and sport. Eco Pro is ideal when one is driving in the city as the acceleration becomes far more docile, which is what you need in bumper to bumper traffic.  Comfort mode gives you more power which makes it ideal when driving is a combination of city and highway driving. On weekend drives out of town, Sports mode is the one to go with. The responsiveness is very good, handling is sharper. The digital display changes with each mode adding a fun touch to proceedings. The 8-speed automatic is quick, smooth and shifts up and down are extremely refined.

What really impressed me was the Air suspension the 630iGt comes with. It’s weighted, sharp and ride quality is extremely plush. Bumps and bad roads are handled with such ease that it’s hard to believe that one is driving a notchback and not a SUV. Comfort is the primary objective here and the 630iGT excels in that department.

The 630iGT is just the car for you, if luxury, comfort and performance along with a fun to drive quotient is what you want.COLLAGE 2.jpgThe prices start at ₹63.90 Lakhs for the Petrol 630iGT luxury line, ₹68.90 lakhs for the Diesel 630dGT luxury line and ₹73.70 Lakhs for the Diesel 630d M Sport. All prices are ex-showroom Mumbai.