If Harvey Specter from Suits rode to work, the XDiavel would be his motorcycle of choice. Power cruiser that’s mean looking with the kind of torque on tap that makes riding insanely fun…


A motorcycle that redefines what the modern power cruiser has evolved into in this century. First time you lay eyes on the XDiavel you are awestruck. The design lines are sleek, sharp with the trademark Ducati fit and finish. Ducati has always been known for making motorcycles that are the perfect mix of design and kickass performance. The XDiavel is no different.  Ducati fits a 152bhp, race-developed twin to the XDiavel because Ducatis have to be fast, furious and fun to ride. The XDiavel has riding position tailor made for a remake of the cult classic Easy Rider.

The low seat is comfortable and supportive; the handlebars aren’t too wide or too forward or back. The footrests are positioned high enough for ground clearance in corners. The bike comes with key-less ignition. The key only being used to open and shut the fuel cap.

Switch on the motorcycle and a loud grunt greets you. Start the motorcycle, give a whack to the throttle and you are greeted with a ferocity that means serious business. The moment we hit an empty patch of road after 20 minutes of traffic, the Xdiavel shows what happens when a sport bike maker like Ducati designs a cruiser. The acceleration for 0-100 is stunning. One can tell that this bike has been geared for acceleration rather than an academic top speed figure. Open the throttle and the Xdiavel goes like a Shoaib Akhtar express delivery trying to rip the top layer of tarmac from the road.


Cornering and holding the road is something the XDiavel excels at. After a few hours of riding on sharp twisties and bends it became obvious how the 240 mm rear tyre and 40 degree lean angle on the XDiavel comes into play. Peak torque comes into play at 5000 rpm but even at 2000 rpm you have enough and more for fierce acceleration on open highways. This is testimony to how right Ducati has got the power to weight ratio in the XDiavel.

The XDiavel gets Brembo’s M50 callipers, which are superb. Will braking be a reason to buy the XDiavel? I don’t think so. Interested buyers would be more interested in the multiple riding modes on offer and the cornering ABS that comes with it. And if that is not enough to whet your appetite, you also get launch control and cruise control!  I started in the “Urban’ mode that cuts the power to 100 bhp along with electronic comfort blanketing. This is tuned to make riding in the city on a daily basis an easy affair.

The ‘Touring’ mode gives you the full 152 bhp on offer, but is delivered with finesse and moderate electronic interference.  The ‘Sport’ mode lets you use the full range of power with minimal Traction Control, anti-wheelie and stability control in place.


The XDiavel comes with full LED lighting with the switch gear being back-lit too. The TFT instrument panel is simple and easy to use. The menu for changing settings and display is logical and easy to work with. The switch gear is well laid out too.

Ducati’s first ever belt drive should keep transmission lash to a minimum and be virtually maintenance free.

I rode it over 4 days in all sorts of traffic and road conditions. A complete head turner, I lost count on the number of time people asked me questions such as ‘how much average does it give” “What does it cost” “is it comfortable to ride”… Selfies were clicked galore, with people posing around the bike every time I parked.

The XDiavel is the kind of Cruiser you want to ride all day, albeit on open highways with no traffic. Like I said at the beginning of my article if you fancy yourself as Harvey Specter and wanna ride every day this is the bike for you…

The XDiavel is priced at Rs 15.87 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) and the XDiavelS starts at Rs 18.47 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

If riding fast and furious in style is your thing then look no further. The XDiavel is just the motorcycle for you…

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